Từ vựng trong bài thi TOEIC về du lịch là một trong những chủ đề quen thuộc các thí sinh thường gặp phải. Để thi tốt thì đừng bỏ lỡ nhóm từ vựng dưới đây.

Trong bài thi TOEIC, các bài nghe và đọc thường sẽ nằm trong các chủ để như ngân hàng, marketing, nhân sự, khách sạn, du lịch… Tiếp tục danh sách các bài viết từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ để, Edu2Review sẽ cũng cấp cho bạn nhóm từ về du lịch.


1. Backpacking: The activity of traveling or going camping while carrying your clothes and other things that you need in a backpack (du lịch bụi).

Ví dụ: I’m gonna go backpacking holiday to Vietnam.

2. Unspoiled place: Is very beautiful because it has not been changed or damaged by people (điểm hoang sơ).

Ví dụ: Amazing unspoiled beaches in Bicol Region.

3. Peak season: A time of the year when a lot of people travel and prices are usually at their highest (địa điểm hoang sơ).

Ví dụ: Some travel companies offer deals even in peak season.


I’m gonna go backpacking holiday to Vietnam

I’m gonna go backpacking holiday to Vietnam


4. Tourist attraction: A place that people visit for pleasure and interest, usually while they are on holiday (điểm thu hút khách du lịch).

Ví dụ: He plans to turn the former jail into a tourist attraction.

5. Travel agency: A company or shop that makes travel arrangements for people (đại lý du lịch).

6. Landscape: A large area of countryside, especially in relation to its appearance (phong cảnh).

Ví dụ: The cathedral dominates the landscape for a mile around.

7. Sightseeing: The activity of visiting interesting places, especially by people on holiday (ngắm cảnh).


Từ vựng TOEIC

We did some sightseeing in Canada


8. Self – catering: Having cooking facilities available so that you can cook meals for yourself rather than having them provided for you (du lịch tự cung tự cấp).

Ví dụ: I’m waiting for the next self – catering holiday.

9. Picturesque: Attractive in appearance, especially in an old – fashioned way (cuốn hút).

Ví dụ: It was a pretty town with a picturesque harbor and well – preserved buildings.

10. Holiday brochure: A type of small magazine that contains pictures and information, on a holiday (cuốn sách về những kỳ nghỉ).

Ví dụ: My girlfriend is probably through her second cup of coffee and reading brochures for nature walks in the Alps at this point.

11. Youthhostel: A place where people, especially young people, can stay cheaply for short periods when they are traveling (nhà trọ thanh niên).


Từ vựng TOEIC mảng du lịchYou can also find a youth hostel in Da Lat


12. Local delicacy: Something especially rare or expensive that is good to eat (đặc sản).

In some parts of the world, sheep’s eyes are considered a great delicacy.

13. Departer lounge: The area in an airport where passengers wait before getting onto an aircraft (phòng chờ khởi hành).

14. Package holiday: A holiday organized by a travel company for which you pay a fixed price that includes the cost of the hotel and travel, and sometimes food (du lịch trọn gói).

15. Flea market: A market, usually taking place outside, where old or used goods are sold cheaply (chợ trời).

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